I picked up my first DSLR camera with money from my high school graduation. I had always enjoyed taking photos but found that once I had my new "fancy camera" I really enjoyed clicking that shutter and capturing people. 
I had played around with some landscapes and nature but I found that I was happiest when capturing candids of my friends and family. Moving into college I continued to grow and learn and I fell in love with a new form of photography: 35mm film. 
Through class project and assignments I found that portraiture was what most made me feel creative and excited about clicking the shutter. A few years later my best friends sisters asked if I would capture her wedding. 
With one camera and one lens I went into a small wedding ready for anything. I was  hooked. Over the years I assisted and second shot with so many talented photographers to learn the industry. 
8 years later and I have photographed so many beautiful weddings, been to beautiful destinations and captured so many people. I found my new passion in photography in the last few years which are intimate destination weddings. I chose for my own wedding a few years ago a destination because I loved the low-key, intimate, vacation feel. I have been lucky enough to capture couples in Mexico, Hawaii, Montana and Nashville and I am so excited to add more locations to the list. 
I cannot wait to meet and work with you, I truly want to be your biggest fan and help your day go perfectly.  

get to know the girl behind the lens

Coffee. Cliche much? Maybe, but seriously I love coffee all the time everywhere. Iced please!


Adventure. Seriously take me away to anywhere and I'm happy. Bonus if there's a beach.


Animals, I love my animals so so much. Especially my dogs Cash and Elliee!


My husband is the best. We were married in 2020 and I couldn't make it through life without him.